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HUGO LS was founded in 2017. It started off as a private practice, teaching one to one classes whilst also proofreading and translating documents which the customer needed in native, precise English.

Gradually HUGO LS’s services expanded to the academic and journalism sector for who wish to write essays, dissertations and articles without the quality of their work being compromised due to linguistic limitations. Hugo’s partner Remi, encouraged him to leverage his experience working in a wholesale importer/distributor by extending his services to the business sector as well.

Hugo’s experience in the wholesale distribution industry coupled with his language skills and Remi’s work in the finance industry made a team that could deliver:
-Lessons that are truly relevant to the client’s needs
-Translation that proper conveys the meaning and context of the source material
-Flexible and reliable service made available to the customer at any time.


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Chief consultant

Hugo Song

After graduating from UCL, Hugo joined an international seafood distributor and wholesale supplier. There he worked his way up from Sales & Customer Support to Procurement, Logistics and eventually Human Resource where he was eventually tasked with managing the department. In a short amount of time he accrued experience that would become a vital asset when dealing with employees and executives from a variety of different fields and industries. He has interpreted and organized events on behalf of the Korean government for product launches in London. It was at this time that he realized the potential of of having both business and language skills as a collective asset.





• Business English instructor.
• Korean to English translation
• Corporate Secretary and HR Manager

Areas of Expertise

  • Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Procurement and HR

  • Wholesale price negotiations

  • Correspondence with 3rd party suppliers and individuals such as lawyers, IT consultants.




Remi Nagata

Nagata Remi graduated from Tokyo University and was immediately recruited into the banking industry as a B2B corporate sales representative. There she developed negotiation, presentation, documentation and consultation skills which aided her in supporting the growth and development of many successful companies in central Tokyo.





• Financial Planning & Consultatiton
• Japanese to English translation
• Corporate Sales Representative

Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate Finance

  • Business Strategy

  • Analytics