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The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.
— Ludwig Wittgenstein

What is ‘Language Consultation’?


To know the meaning, we should first ask ourselves what the main difference is between a teacher and a consultant. A teacher distributes knowledge and information to his students in a standardized and rigid manner, strictly adhering the curriculum set in place. It is the student’s responsibility to adapt to the teachings and teaching style of their instructor. A consultant, however, must be able to adapt to any type of client with versatility, flexibility and an unquestionable commitment to their professional and personal needs.


But why would consultation be necessary for language? Isn’t it mostly for business, finance and legal purposes? It is. And with each of the three fields named above, language is the element which ties everything together. Without understanding the nuance and cultural context behind a language, how can someone hope to make the most of their opportunities in business and life? The language used can be the difference between the success or failure of a life-changing deal/opportunity.


Not only do we coach and teach language (to all levels), we give advice on what sort of language appeals to the natural human psyche or what sort of language is most convincing, clear and relevant. What kind of language commonly causes misunderstandings and in the worst case scenario, offense. What kind of language you are most likely to encounter in typical and unpredictable situations.

Finally, consultants are readily available to answer your language related inquiries 24/7, unlike teachers who mostly restrict their services to the time spent in lessons only. At any given moment you can message us and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. If you are a company that frequently communicates with foreign parties, or an individual that needs someone readily available to answer your language-related questions, Hugo LS is the company for you.




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Areas of Practice

Teaching / Training

Our curriculum is heavily focused on practical situations that people face on a regular basis. It is common knowledge that any acquired language will be forgotten unless the individual gets the chance to use it as often as possible.

Therefore we place emphasis on teaching language related to situations that the individual client is likely to experience on a daily, weekly and monthly basis within work and outside of it.

This means that we literally involve our client in the process of setting up their own curriculum. This is a service that schools and private teachers do not offer because implementing a fixed curriculum for all students is much less stressful.


We can assist you and your company for correspondence with foreign parties, subsidiaries, partners, customers, et cetera.
Especially with email correspondence, misunderstandings are very frequent. Without face to face interaction, the importance of which words you use increases even more.

Lecture / Presentation / Speech

Public speaking is a one-off occasion for some and a regular activity for others. Either way, it’s a daunting task that keeps people up at night seeking for perfection.

Our service corrects the mistakes, paraphrase long text into more concise material and makes your material sound as professional as possible.

Proof reading / translation

Our consultants are required to have a background in proofreading and be familiar with a variety of documents such as tax forms, P & L sheets, balance sheets, cash flow statements, contract agreements, et cetera. For businesses or individuals that feel anxious about the potential existence of any vital errors in their paper, we use our language and business expertise to assist you.

Many translators tend to translate text word for word, not considering if the essence is being properly portrayed. Unlike most translation companies, we require our consultants to have a background in both language and business to ensure the context and core meaning is properly conveyed.


Have you ever felt like you had so many ideas and thoughts that you couldn't express in words simply due to linguistic limitations?

Articulating your thoughts and opinions in an eloquent manner is difficult enough in your own native language let alone in another. Our service can remove all the unnatural and awkward language, replacing it with natural, clear and professional literature.

If you are a professor or journalist, your papers and articles form your brand, your image and ultimately your identity. We can be a trustworthy and reliable asset to help you get your thoughts out there without being held back by language limitations.


Some people require their document to be written almost completely from the beginning. Our consultants can also write out the entire document, paper & article for you whilst receiving your detailed information and requirements, making sure that the paper reflects your goals and visions precisely.




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